10 Good Reasons why you shouldn’t use or do pot everyday

Weed is also known as marijuana or cannabis which contains THC that is the main ingredient of the drug that leads to altered state or high but excessive use of weed can be harmful for your health as it can lead to short term and long term health complications. Therefore you will need to know the reasons to quit smoking weed so that you can get rid of your addiction and save yourself from the side effects of substance abuse.

You can also read up on other reasons why not to smoke weed from this article from howtostopsmokingpot.org, it’s by Kevin Bryce.

The most important reasons to quit smoking weed is for health concerns because the THC of the cannabis can have severe health complications like increase in risk of stroke, heart failure, lung infections and respiratory problems.

There are many health complications that are linked to use of weed which include testicular cancer and liver disease which makes it even more important for you to quit smoking weed so that you can live a healthy life.

Long term use of cannabis can also increase your heart rate and diminish the ability of your heart to carry oxygen and other important nutrients to the rest of your body.

It has also been found out that smoking weed can lead to mouth cancers, lung cancers emphysema and bronchitis along with causing thyroid, adrenal and liver damage.

Moreover smoking weed can lead to cellular changes in the brain as it can affect your memory, thoughts and concentration and hence you should stop smoking weed so that you can prevent these health complications.

Moreover long term abuse of cannabis can lead to substance dependency and drug addiction which can affect the other important areas of your life like relationships, career, social life, hobbies and work.

Weed can also have adverse psychological problems like schizophrenia, genetic disposition and mental illness and hence you should consider these reasons to quit smoking weed so that you can lead a healthy life.