River Valley Bariatric Support Group

Basic Information:
This group is a bariatric patient-led group in which anyone can participate. Individuals that are in the pre-operative, post-operative or “considering surgery, but not sure” phase are welcome. Every one of us can learn from each other’s experiences, no matter what stage we are currently in.

Mission of our group:
River Valley Bariatric Support Group is a supportive and wonderful resource for people that have had or are considering weight loss surgery to assist you in obtaining a happy and healthy life. The support group meetings will offer encouragement and valuable resources for education to help people decide if weight loss surgery is right for them, and we will help people reach and maintain their optimum weight loss goal.

Why do you need a bariatric support group?
If you are here, then you have struggled with weight and know that it is very difficult to overcome and will require a strong commitment to change. Surgery is not the fix, it is only a tool that will help you reach your goal and much work will have to be done to achieve success. Therefore, you will need the support of others who are struggling with the same issues to get the end result of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Your support group will be there with you every step of the journey to lift you up and give you the encouragement when you need it the most.

Benefits of a support group include, but are not limited to:

  • Encouragement for the difficult times
  • Praise and support for accomplishments achieved
  • Recipe ideas and exchanges
  • Ideas on how to get that protein
  • Comfort knowing that there are others going through the same things
  • Help develop a healthy perspective about change
  • Help set realistic weight loss and maintenance goals
  • Help overcome food issues or bad habits
  • Offer support for changes in personal relationships
  • Develop healthy coping skills that are needed to manage big life changes
  • Assist with preventing weight gain cycles
  • Networking, mental health needs, nutritionist, skin care management, cosmetic options after surgery

Learn more at arsurgicalweightloss.com. 

Cost: Free

Support Group Contact

Call (479) 709-DOCS or e-mail Lisa at lisarpitt@yahoo.com for more information.


No sessions scheduled at this time.