The Easy & Simple Way to Remove Tonsil Stones

If you’re looking for how to easy remove tonsil stones, look no further. Tonsil stones are formed from bits of food and debris that remain in the mouth and the throat after eating. These bits of debris and food turn white or yellow and lodge in the folds and pockets of the tonsils.

How to Start

If you’re suffering from bad breath or you can actually see the stones when you open your mouth, you may wish to find a way to dislodge them. Tonsil stones smell horrendous so you’ll want to rid yourself of them as quickly as possible.

Start by making a visual inspection of your mouth and throat and check to see if you see any white or yellow chunks lodged in and around your tonsils. Sometimes the tonsil stones will lodge in pockets so deeply that they can’t be seen when you open your mouth and peer into your throat.

gargle for tonsil stonesSalt Water Gargle

To start with, mix up some warm salt water. You’ll want about one-half teaspoon of salt per six ounces of warm water. Put some of this in your mouth and gargle with it making sure to get as far back in the throat as possible.

Spit it out and repeat until all six ounces of the water are gone. Make sure to spit out the liquid after gargling and if all goes according to plan, the stones should come out with the water. Don’t break the stones open or poke at them, again, they smell horrendous.

Try Coughing

If this doesn’t work, you can try a good hearty cough. If you suffer from a gag reflex then this how to get rid of tonsil stones without gagging. It’s a great alternative to some of the other methods.

Simply inhale and then force yourself to cough really hard. Repeat this a few times and see if that doesn’t dislodge them. Often, when used in conjunction with the warm salt water it will work well.

Many people will use a cotton swab or even their finger. Please do this with extreme caution, if you slip or miss you could damage your throat. If you break the tonsil stone open, you could have bacteria pouring into your mouth and wind up with a secondary infection.

get rid of tonsil stonesUsing Vinegar

Vinegar is believed to help break down the composition of tonsil stones. If you have any vinegar you can dilute it and gargle with this three to four times per day. Use approximately one tablespoon to six ounces of water and gargle several times per day.

Spit the vinegar gargle out (never swallow it) and you may find the tonsil stone in the liquid as well.

Best Practices

Many people find that if they use proper oral care and brush and floss daily they get fewer tonsil stones, other people seem to be more prone to tonsil stones even if they are using proper oral care.

If the above methods don’t work to get rid of tonsil stones, check with your doctor. Some doctors will prescribe antibiotics to help prevent an infection if you have tonsil stones.

Last Resort

If you still struggle with tonsil stones after seeing a doctor your doctor may suggest surgical removal for your tonsil stones. The doctor may also choose to remove your tonsils to prevent recurrence. Always try to easy remove tonsil stones first before you go to the doctor.